The project aims at exploring the spatial logics of intra-urban inequalities in health throught the following question : in wich extent inequities in access to equipments – that do not only depend on the geographic localization of equipments but also result of people’s spatial practices and representations – are involved in intra-urban inequalities in health ?

From empirical data collected in Paris and in Montreal, we propose :

  • to understand better  the differences in the way inhabitants experience places from their regular activities locations and their perceived boundaries of neighbourhood of residence (objective n°1),
  • to give a new insight into inequalities of accessibility to urban resources from innovative measurements of accessibility combining spatial resource distribution  – a first source of inequality – and people’s places experiences – a second source of inequality (objective nº 2),
  • to explore how variability in access to and utilisation of urban resources may translate into inequalities in health  (objective n°3),
  • to investigate if access to urban resources have a similar importance on health inequalities in Paris and in Montreal (objective n°4).
Antoine Fleury Paris 2
Benoit Thierry Montreal 2