Potential benefits

  • In a theoretical point of view, RelatHealth project aims to discuss standardized and rigid approaches to neighborhood existing in the literature on neighborhood effects. It could be helpful It will give new insights in the ways to consider accessibility to resources following approach both based on people and on places.
  • In a methodological point of view, it would give opportunity to model interactions between place and people components and to get out from too much simplistic models relating place effects on health.
  • In an operational point of view, this project aims to guide interventions to improve easy, efficient and fair access to resources which may promote health. It will also serve to guide policy-makers and urban planners to target priority areas, as being areas where the absence of health-related resources doubles of a low mobility of the resident population. It will also be used to target priority populations as being those who are spatially confined in areas with a lack of health-related resources.