Population surveys

  • RelatHealth project is based on data collected in the framework of two up-and-running population cohorts:



RECORD Cohort  « Residential Environment and CORonary heart Disease »

  • The first wave took place in 2007-08 among 7300 people, recruited during health checkups and living  in 10 “arrondissements” of Paris et 111 “communes” in the Paris Ile-de-France region.
  • In the second wave (from January 2011 to September 2014), 6,245 people have been survyed (2/3 have also been surveyed in the first wave).

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ISIS Survey « Interdisciplinary Study of Inequalities in Smoking »

  • The first wave took place in 2011 among a representative sample of 2,093 young adults (18-25 years-old) living  in Montreal Island.
  • From January to June 2014, 1,466 young adults have been surveyed a second time.

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