Mobiliscope V2

Le Mobiliscope is  a geovisualization platform for the interactive exploration of neighborhood social composition over a 24 hour time period, taking into account how people move throughout the day.

It is intended to help people (academic researchers, students, policymakers and practitioners, NGO, members of private sectors or ordinary citizens) explore cities around the clock.

A second version has been published online.


Marianne Guérois was in Athens in July at the colloque de l’Association de Science Régionale de Langue Française (ASRDLF).

Baudet-Michel S, Chaix B, Guérois M, Lecomte C, Le Roux G, Vallée J. Effective and potential access to services in metropolitan areas (Paris): who goes to the nearest amenity? 54ème colloque de l’Association de Science Régionale de Langue Française (ASRDLF), Athènes, 5-7 juillet 2017

IMGS 2017

Julie Vallée took part in IMGS (International Medical Geography Conference) in Angers (France). She gave a talk in the Spatial Justice session to discuss challenges occuring when targeting areas to reduce health inequalities.

Vallée J. The challenges of targeting priority areas from priority groups in public health interventions. 17th International Medical Geography Symposium, Angers (France), July 2-7, 2017


Le Mobiliscope is a geovisualization tool for interactive exploration of social segregation around the clock in the metropolitan areas. Using a large travel survey carried out in the Paris metropolitan area (EGT 2010), this tools is now available online!

Social segregation around the clock

A new paper online!

Le Roux G, Vallée J, Commenges H, 2017. Social segregation around the clock in the Paris region, Journal of Transport Geography, Volume 59, pp 134-145

While social scientists have invested a lot of energy in exploring the uneven distribution of social groups in the city, they have surprisingly limited their efforts to investigating social segregation at the place of residence. The present paper investigates social segregation over the 24 h a day in the Paris region, taking into account how social groups move within a city throughout the day.

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Workshop about territorial changes

Anaïs Dubreuil took part to a workshop about territorial changes (Grenoble – November 8, 2016)  to present her doctoral methodology. She has underlined the importance to adopt a lifecourse approach to explore changes in people’s place experiences and in their health behaviours.